Dali.   2015

Dali is a painting on Photoshop. I used reference images, but the line work, color and shading are all free hand. The digital painting was done using a Wacom tablet. My goal was to work on highlighting areas with fine detail but not over working the piece.

Jelly Zappers.  2015

The Jelly Zappers are electrician jellyfish. I designed and painted these characters free hand on the Wacom Tablet. I am hoping to create more scenes and perhaps a story along with the characters. They were created on Photoshop.

ViewMaster.   2015

The ViewMaster is an asset I designed using Maya and Photoshop. It has been animated in a piece I am in the works with. The reels show pictures from my portfolio of Juxtapoz Photos. (There is a turn around located in the Animation Tab.)

The Misfits.   2015

These Characters were created as the misfits of the animal kingdom. Each has a quirky personality and an awkwardness to them. I painted these on a Wacom Tablet using Photoshop.

Poppop.   2015

Poppop is a character I created based off the likes of my Grandfather Pop Pop. I worked at the basic rigging of a character and the texturing, bump and spec. of the clothing, face and shoes. This was created using Maya and Photoshop.


Blue Crab.   2016

This Blue Crab is a model I crafted in the software Mari for Animation 3 Studio. I worked on the texturing, the ambient occulusion, normals mapping and bump map to enhance the realistic asthetic.